The biggest bubble ever, the money bubble [Part 1]

Published by David P. on December 2, 2014

The biggest bubble ever, some call it a money bubble, others call it a debt bubble, both are right, this is a bubble based on over hundred years of constant growing money supply, and since money today is a byproduct of debt, the debt supply is also constantly growing. The supply of money and debt load is now so large we measure it in trillions and soon in quadrillions (derivatives already valued over one quadrillion, see picture above). Extremely fast growing money supply and debt is now what we call normal, we have been living in this bubble all our lives. Still, a lot of people can feel at a deeper level that there’s something very wrong with the world economic system, I’m one of them. It wasn’t until I did some deeper research into how this system works that I realised the extent of the bubble. It’s so much larger than most can imagine.

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