Video: Andreas Antonopoulos Keynote + Q&A

Published on Apr 14, 2015 by Bitcoin Wednesday

Bitcoin Wednesday #22 Featuring Andreas Antonopoulos on 1 April 2015. The Bitcoin Expert gives a keynote about cryptocurrency, social and economic implications and future applications. After the keynote he does an extended Q&A session in which he answers questions asked of him by the Dutch government and the public at Bitcoin Wednesday. He also talks about the Bitcoin technology as well as his startup Third Key Solutions which was launched the day before.

Victoria Van Eyk Interviews Andreas Antonopoulos on Bitcoin

Published on March 14th, 2015 by Martin

In April 2014, Victoria van Eyk of ChangeTip had the pleasure of sitting down with Bitcoin thought leader Andreas Antonopoulos to ask in-depth questions about the industry. The following is a recorded interview that explores how Bitcoin and blockchain technology can actually change the world for the other 6.5 billion.

Q&A with Andreas Antonopoulos: Bitcoin in 2015 and beyond

Streamed live on Jan 8, 2015 by deBitcoin

What better way to return from a holiday break with none other than Andreas Antonopoulos. Andreas will address questions from the Dutch/Belgian  #bitcoin community and talk about what 2015 will bring for bitcoin and much more. Hosts will be Paul Buitink, Jop Hartog, Tuur Demeester and Annet de Boer.

Andreas Antonopoulos – “Bitcoin and The Evolution of Money as a Content Type”

Published by BraveNewCoin on December 7, 2014

Speaking at BitcoinSouth, Antonopoulos talked about the future of money as a content type, a new subject for the Bitcoin Guru. BNC sat down with Andreas after the conference to talk about inspiration, the future, and how he became the voice of Bitcoin.

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Andreas M. Antonopoulos – “What Bitcoin Means For Unbanked Economies”

Published on Nov 26, 2014 by CoinJar

Internationally recognised bitcoin expert Andreas M. Antonopoulos provides a simple but thorough commentary on the potential of bitcoin, and how it will change our future, including:

– his personal experience and discovery of bitcoin
– how it can transform the economies of the unbanked
– the importance of developing the technology behind bitcoin, instead of simply marketing it.


Andreas M. Antonopoulos – “The Potential of Blockchain Technology”

Published on Nov 26, 2014 by CoinJar

Internationally recognised bitcoin expert Andreas M. Antonopoulos provides an in-depth and technical analysis on the v2 feature set of the blockchain protocol, including:

– new features being added to the blockchain
– nLockTime, smart contract and multi-sig technology
– consumer protection features built in to the protocol
– the potential of the technology, and the danger of early regulation.

He also answers questions sourced from attendees at the event and through livestream around the world.

This video was filmed at The Bitcoin Address 2014, CoinJar’s inaugural speaker series bringing the bitcoin and technology community together in Sydney, Melbourne and the world, Australia on 24-25 November.

How to Ensure Bitcoin Security – Tips on Safety and Accessibility

By Andreas M. Antonopoulos on October 15, 2014 via

Bitcoin allows anyone to be his or her own bank. If that sounds to you like a potential scenario for chaos, it’s only because you haven’t yet heard of the great lengths to which Bitcoin users can go to ensure the security of their “one-person banks.” By following a handful of basic security guidelines, they can achieve a level of security for their money that is actually unavailable in the banking world as we know it.

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Bitcoins & Gravy Episode #41 Andreas the Teacher!

Published on November 9. 2014 by Bitcoins & Gravy

Today I feel so very fortunate to have on the show my good friend Mr. Andreas Antonopoulos. Mr. Antonpoulos is a passionate teacher who talks to us today about the University of Nicosia in Cypress and the exciting news that they have launched the very first Master of Science degree in Digital Currency. This Masters Degree is now offered to students worldwide through an online format. Listeners don’t bother pinching yourselves – you’re not asleep and you’re not dreaming – it IS true – you can now earn a Masters Degree in Digital Currency.
And of course Mr. Antonopoulos knows a great deal about this degree because . . . he is one of the teachers teaching the course.