The universe wants one money

Published on June 28 by Oleg Andreev

In this post I address issues of competing government currencies, competing private currencies, gold, silver, bitcoin and alternative “crypto-currencies”. We all know that variety and competion is a good thing. We all want slightly different things, value the same things differently or make different trade-offs. That’s why we have a wide variety of products, prices, quality, colors and materials on the market. Interestingly, money is different. We all want one single universal money. It may not be obvious to many people, so let me explain.

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Bitcoin Is The New Gold: FreedomFest Speaker

Kitco News sits with the Bitcoin advocate George Gilder to find out why he is so interested in the virtual currency. “Bitcoin today is a new form of information theory, which is the major system of the world,” he says. “I think that Bitcoin is the new gold, it works with gold.” Gilder adds that he expects to see Bitcoin prices and gold prices to real a stable relationship overtime. “In my book, I show that the rise of Bitcoin today parallels the rise of gold at the beginning of the 18th century.” Tune in now to hear why he likes the crypto-currrency and where he thinks gold is headed.

Published on Jul 15, 2014 by Kitco NEWS via YouTube

Talking Gold, Bitcoin with Amagi Metals CEO Stephen Macaskill

In an interview with Ron Paul, Amagi Metals CEO Stephen Macaskill covers gold, Bitcoin and the economy. Mr. Macaskill explains why younger people should purchase precious metals and draws parallels between precious metals and Bitcoin.

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Published on August 20, 2014